A Deck of Foods
for Creative Inspiration.
Launched March 7, 2012!


Base Decks

These base decks provide an encyclopedic experience of the game.

“Good for you”
A set of 300 whole food cards (fruits, vegetables, grains, etc.)
“Bad for you”
A set of 300 cards of food indulgences (spirits, meats, cheeses, etc)
A set of 240 cards that expand game play (techniques, emotions, characters, shapes, etc.)


FoodCards are designed as a social game for all ages and experience levels with food.

300 Whole Food Cards
A base deck of 300 foods features whole foods, primarily fruits, vegetables and grains along with some other common ingredients found in American households and health food stores.
Expandable Decks
Custom decks can supplement the base deck. This includes sets such as Spirits, Meats, Fish, Greens, California Local as well as Heritage decks of family foods, Heirloom varieties, and Artisanal decks of Vintage wines, Sweetmeats, Cheese, Vinegars and more.
Each card has a hand-selected color, chosen by a trained botanical illustrator. Cards are 0.9 x 2.5 inches, small enough to arrange and photograph to make shopping lists, big enough to handle as small playing cards.
The base deck comes either in plain packaging, or else in a sturdy box, with a small tray for sorting the cards. The tray will hold up to 600 cards.
Rubber Bands
Since FoodCards are many, using small rubber bands to hold the cards when not in use can be helpful. You can use household items to store cards for display.
Open Food Data
Information on the cards is made publicly available, so that others may use the lists of Foods for their own purposes.
Responsible Printing
Cards will be printed, cut and boxed in a socially and environmentally responsible manner.

Additional Decks

These smaller decks add some spice to a base deck.

California Local
Tropical Fruit

Custom Decks

Additionally, we will be creating some sets of cards that support the wishes of food lovers. These decks will be designed socially, and then made available.

Regional Foods
Artisanal Specialty Foods
Heirloom Vegetables
Create your own Deck
You will be able to order custom cards to fit in your deck.
Pedestrian Strength Cards
We expect to be able to design cards (Summer 2012) for heavier use in situations with high levels of pedestrian traffic as well as wetter and messier settings such as kitchens and Farmer’s Markets.

We will be searching for eco-friendly materials that will allow us to continue to make beautiful multi-colored cards with a comfortable form factor.

Display your cards

When you order the cards you have the option to order them in a special box that will hold more cards. Otherwise, we just will wrap them simply so as to waste less material.

How to use

What you can do with FoodCards

FoodCards are a social card game for people who love food, and love talking about food even more. You can play games, create new recipes, and plan meals.

The cards come as a base deck of 300 cards, with custom decks to expand the game. These small cards are each a different color, providing all of the satisfaction the some of us find when looking at paint chips. For anyone who enjoys organizing and arranging things, these cards are a dream.

Some of the fun things we have done with the cards include playing Food Poker, Food Pictionary, and a few surprisingly poignant ice breaker games. The cards naturally promote finding new ideas and new combinations of foods, which makes thinking of new recipes fun.

Best of all, you can make shopping lists by simply bundling foods you need with a rubber band and popping them in your pocket. No need to make a list or use a phone app, you can just shuffle through little colorful cards in the grocery store. The cards can be displayed in the kitchen, subtly encouraging and reminding you to consider eating better.

Games & Activities

FoodCards games are social, fun, and appetite-inspiring games. The games are good for foodies and eaters alike.

It is not necessary to know all of the foods in order to play, but, like other word games, it is more fun the more you know.

If you are playing with children and people learning more about different kinds of foods, the game presents an opportunity to tell stories about the foods, and even to plan to try new foods. When you are getting used to the cards, you can place aside foods that you do not know, and slowly add them back in as you learn more.


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FoodCards App (beta)

A digital web app version of some FoodCards games exists. The games are quite simple, but surprisingly fun. The games will work on your phone.

3 random cards
5 random cards


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Planning a Kickstarter campaign to set up the basic infrastructure for printing, cutting, customizing and boxing card sets. After the campaign, the cards will be available for order, as early as Fall 2012.


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Thank you!

FoodCards designed by with love with the input of many lovely people

Chach Sikes is an experience designer, community organizer, and programmer who designs civic products for healthier communities. She was a 2011 Code for America fellow, and spent 6 years as a science museum exhibit developer. She is proud of the game potential and simplicity of these FoodCards and is especially grateful to friends and family for prototyping early versions of this game, as well as the many people who are interested in open food data and public information about our local food systems.

Special thanks and many hugs to all of the following people for making this project possible, through direct and indirect contributions of advice, encouragement and feedback.

Zoey Kroll, Karla Macedo, Code for America, Anselm Hook, Jen McMullen, Patrick Hayes, Alan Palazzolo, Anthony Nicalo, FoodTree, Foodista, Niles, Danielle Gould, Marc Powell, Jessica Lord, Max Ogden, Zach Williams, Michael Evans, The Noun Project, Halley Sikes, Raeanne Young, Booka Alon, Wendy Sikes, Beth Schecter, Jake Levitas, Martha Petit, Hayes Valley Farm, Angelina Calderon

We are seeking funding and select sponsorship as we kick off this project to make the game available to anyone who would like the game or to give the game as a gift. The objective of the game is to be social, share stories of food, eat better and improve healthy eating in our cities through better food choices.

We also seek invitations to bring and play the game at Farmer’s Markets, cafes and other Food Events.

Open Food Data

The lists of food and attention we pay to types of Foods are contributed back to an Open Food Data initiative. You can see the entire Food Library here. Note, that we have a collective effort to fill in the list and so the data is not perfect.

We are seeking Open Food Data Captains, so if you are interested in informing the kinds of cards that would be included in the custom decks, please sign up. If we have a successful Kickstarter campaign, we should be able to provide active volunteer Open Food Data Captains with custom decks of cards to share with friends for free.



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